Foam Closure Strips

FloVent 9 is a profiled metal roofing ridge vent with a fast and simple install for ¾” rib panels. Made with polyester fiber, the ¾” high rib 9” on center profile cut allows for a perfect form fit. The continuous adhesive strip holds the vent in place until it is fastened with the ridge cap, making it easy for one person to install it. The polyester fiber helps prolong the life of your roof by keeping out moisture, pests, and dirt, and by eliminating condensation to help protect your building.

Ensure a weather tight seal with Emseal®, a self-adhering, flexible foam sealant which expands to fill contours and gaps. Use Emseal® to seal out dust, air, wind-driven snow and moisture through joint details in metal building roofs. Suitable for use against metal, plastic, wood, concrete and other common metal building structures. The Emseal® expanding sealant is UV-stable and will not dry out and become hard or brittle. The Expanding Foam Sealant maintains a seal during thermal expansion and contraction of building panels. The sealant has a self-adhesive on one side. After removal of packaging, the material begins gradual expansion. Durable and versatile solution for difficult to seal areas. 

  • UV-stable 
  • Will not dry out or become hard and brittle
  •  Self-adhering 
  • Highly resistant to bugs and vermin 
  • Conforms and contours to fill gaps
  • Good thermal and sound insulator  

FastVent Plus™ provides ventilation and uniform air flow for the proper maintenance of metal roofs. Uniquely engineered breathable closure strips eliminate any leak oath into the ridge area by completely sealing against the panel profile. This form-fit reduces wind-driven rain problems to a minimum. Closed cell polyethylene completely surrounds the open-cell venting foam.

  • Tight seal
  • Low profile 
  • Superior venting 
  • Easy install – Contractor friendly 
  •  Fire retardant/UV stable 
  • Permanent glue strips

Made of cross-linked polyethylene and available with an adhesive strip that stays tacky even in cold weather. This high density foam filler strip is die-cut and packaged in rows so counting out the number needed is easy. 

  • Available with or without adhesive
  • 1.5 lb – 2 lb density
  • Cross-linked polyethylene

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