Board & Batten

Our Metal Board & Batten Siding, made from durable 26 gauge Galvalume metal, modernizes the traditional board & batten look and features hidden fasteners and a Sherwin Williams Weather XL paint system. A textured finish is advised to minimize glare and conceal oil canning, a typical characteristic of metal panels. This eco-friendly, customizable siding is 100% recyclable and can be produced on-site for convenience.

Key features of the Metal Board & Batten Siding include:

  • Traditional board & batten style with metal longevity
  • No exposed fasteners for a cleaner look
  • Made of 26 gauge galvalume steel substrate
  • Coated with Sherwin Williams Weather XL paint system
  • Textured finish recommended to reduce glare and hide oil canning
  • 10’’ wide coverage with overlap
  • Customizable length with on-site panel production capability
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable material
  • Resilient to oil canning, not considered a defect

Board & Batten Panel Colors

More colors are available upon request.

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